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Wet Weather Wedding

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Young Sydney Marriage Celebrant - Male Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Modern Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Wet WeddingWhat can you do when your white wedding is eclipsed by grey skies? That’s where your Plan B comes in for a wet weather wedding. If you don’t have one… read on!

One thing you can never quite predict is the weather (just ask the Bureau of Meteorology. Even they get it wrong sometimes). A little bit of rain we can deal with. But nobody wants to be soaked by a torrential downpour, least of all the bride.

And even if it’s not actually raining at ceremony time, the ground may be too wet. Imagine all those high heels and chair legs sinking into the ground. Or the bride slipping on a wet patch on her way down the aisle and faceplanting……

Here are some tips to help you work out your Plan B:

    If your ceremony if taking place in a venue but in an outside area, they will already have a contingency plan. Ask your venue manager what their wet weather option is. They will definitely have one. And it’s probably just as nice as the outdoor option.
    Often your ceremony will take place in one location but then everyone moves on elsewhere for the reception. Ask your reception venue if you can come early in case of bad weather and hold your ceremony there too. Your answer will depend on the venue. Sometimes they don’t have space or you will have to pay a small extra charge to have the venue available to you earlier. Or you may be able to delay the ceremony until the time the reception was due to begin (but this only works if your celebrant can stay on later with you).
    If your ceremony is in a park or reserve, check out what facilities are available nearby in case of weather emergency. Two Sydney examples: if you’re getting married in Bradfield Park, there is a cheap hall in Kirribilli. Close to Observatory Hill, there’s a scout hall just down the road. OK, they may not be glamorous but if you know far enough in advance that really bad weather is coming, you can send some friends and family down to decorate.
    Many parks and reserves have some kind of cover – maybe a gazebo or a shelter. Large trees are not suitable – especially in windy conditions (think falling branches, ouch!)
    Throw up a couple of portable gazebos if allowed (many parks have RULEZ and don’t allow them) but this is only really an option for small weddings.
    Recently I had a wedding booked for the Royal Botanic Gardens which was rained off and instead granny threw open her house for everyone and we did the ceremony there. It made the whole thing even more intimate and personal. (Not so great if granny lives in a caravan).
    If you want to chance it outside and it’s only light rain, get everyone to bring a brolly and make sure there are some big golf-type umbrellas for you. Tell your Maid of Honour and Best Man they have an extra duty – to keep the bride and groom dry! This is a high-risk strategy though…..

Above all, DON’T PANIC and certainly don’t let it spoil your day. It’s only rain! Weddings are big events, and even with the best laid plans, something is bound not to go as planned. Deal with it and move on.

I always tell my couples they should only worry about the things they have control over and not the ones they don’t – like the weather! Remember, the focus is on you having a great day and enjoying yourself. What will be, will be, and if you have that Plan B in place, you’ll be able to relax and remember your day for all the right reasons.

Written by Stephen Lee
Marriage Celebrant Sydney