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Spare the soaking!

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Muddy Heels Wet Weather WeddingEverything about your wedding may be carefully planned but the one thing you can’t control is the weather. So what happens if you get a dismal downpour instead of sunny skies?

November weather can be tricky. Recently we had a weekend where the rain just did not stop and all three of my weddings were going to be outside. But because all three also had good back-up plans in place, we switched venues and were spared a soaking.

When the skies darken and it comes to that Plan B, the bride and groom make that decision – not me. If a couple has their heart set on a particular spot for their ceremony, or it’s been decorated in a special way, it can be a tough choice, but it’s definitely up to them to make the call.

But here’s my honest advice: if there’s any doubt, don’t risk the rain. Wet weather weddings are absolutely no fun whatsoever. Guests don’t appreciate trudging across a muddy garden in their heels and finery, nobody likes getting their best outfits wet, and it totally changes your ceremony dynamic. When I’ve conducted wet weddings, it’s become very clear to me as I’m talking that nobody is paying full attention. Everyone is looking at the sky, or their watches, willing me to hurry up and get the ceremony over so they can take shelter. And having spent a lot of money on your dress, hair and makeup – do you want to look like a drowned racoon in your photos? No, I didn’t think so….

Wet Weather WeddingsThere is a romantic view that getting married in the rain can produce some stunning photos. You may have seen the photo taken at Sydney Harbour with storm clouds overhead that went viral recently. By all means, grab your umbrella and head outside with your photographer once the ceremony is over. But your ceremony is to be enjoyed, not endured.

So please, make sure you have a back-up plan. Many venues have an inside or covered area, so check what they can offer. If you’re in the park with no cover, at the very least make sure you supply enough umbrellas. Could your reception venue host your ceremony instead? Or is there a hall, social club or similar close by where we could move to? It’s extra expense, but it’s also a great insurance policy.

Of those three weddings I mentioned earlier, the first moved from the courtyard to the covered deck, the second switched from a harbourside reserve to the reception venue, and the third from a park to a nearby restaurant. All three were wonderful ceremonies, free from weather worries.

Be prepared, be flexible, and be ready to make that call!

Written by Stephen Lee
Marriage Celebrant Sydney