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Wicksome Wedding

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Young Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Male Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Modern Marriage Celebrant Sydney - Wedding by Stephen LeeFor a totally “wicksome” wedding, you can’t get any more personal than Krick. And if you don’t understand what I’m talking about, then you need the Nicktionary!

Krissie and Nick have their own lexicon, which was great fun to weave into their ceremony. Everything about their wedding was very intimate and personal, even down to their matching Converse sneakers embroidered with their names. Who says you need heels under your wedding dress? Several friends and family took an active role in the ceremony. And the pen they used to sign the register even had special meaning. So lots of really nice touches.

These two never have a dull moment – their honeymoon was a big adventure with some unexpected twists and turns too, as it turned out! They met at a Rotoract conference, and they spend a lot of time doing good for other people. So it was great to be able to give them some karma and do something very special for them on their wedding day.

Congratulations Krick!
Krissie and Nick were married at Nurragingy Reserve at Rooty Hill, NSW.

Written by Stephen Lee
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