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Wedding MC and Event Host

I’ve just married you – so let’s get the party started!

As well as being your Marriage Celebrant, I can also be your Wedding MC for your reception. I’ll carry the same professional, stylish and fun presentation from your ceremony through to your reception and make sure we continue on the right vibe.

Relax and have the best time ever as your wedding reception unfolds seamlessly around you. I’ll make sure everything runs super-smoothly, putting your party plans into practice.

With me as your Wedding MC, you can leave yourselves and your guests free to enjoy an awesome celebration, knowing I’m on hand to look after everyone. You’ll have continuity throughout your wedding day and because I already know you, your family, your friends, your story and what’s important to you, it makes everything easy and stress-free!

As a former television and radio presenter turned public speaker, I’ve hosted hundreds of events of all kinds, so you’re in safe and experienced hands.

Stephen is one of a kind! He’s a wonderful MC who made sure our reception ran smoothly, and was a hit with our guests! Stephen goes above and beyond for his couples – How do we know this? He drove us back to our accommodation when our getaway car didn’t show up! We cannot recommend Stephen highly enough. Thank you for making our special day everything we could have asked for!

Lou and matt

What is a Wedding MC?

Making sure everyone is having fun is a serious business. A wedding reception is a complex event where lots of different suppliers are brought together to deliver an absolutely awesome evening, tailored to your wishes and requirements. But that won’t happen by itself.

Think of your suppliers as members of an orchestra. Everyone has a vital part to play, but each is focussed on their own separate role. Your Master of Ceremonies is the conductor with a controlling eye on the overall sound who brings everyone together to give you a virtuoso performance!

The MC is an essential role. When you’ve spent so much time, money and effort on organising your party, it’s vital to make sure everything happens as it should. Indeed, many wedding suppliers won’t accept your booking without a professional MC in charge of your event.

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What does the Wedding MC do before and during your event?

The MC is the overall host for your wedding reception, ensuring smooth transitions between formalities and special moments. Your MC is your co-ordinator both before and during the event. The role includes:

  • Preparing a run sheet in advance of the event showing all details and timings
  • Liaising with your wedding team (DJ, band, photographers, venue manager, etc)
  • Creating the right vibe and getting the party started
  • Assisting the venue manager so the food and drink service runs smoothly
  • Organising and announcing the arrival of the married couple and their wedding parties
  • Making sure the married couple is looked after at all times
  • Making sure the guests are looked after and know what is happening
  • Introducing and assisting those giving speeches (and advising on speeches in advance)
  • Introducing any traditional elements (cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet etc)
  • Announcing the first dance
  • Keeping the party going and getting guests into the entertainment
  • Keeping the whole event running to time
  • Organising your party farewell

The importance of a Run Sheet

An amazing event runs on amazing organisation. Your MC will work with you to prepare a run sheet so everyone involved in the wedding reception is clear about what is happening and when and by whom.

Timings will be dictated by the food service times. Around the service will be the speeches, cake cutting and other traditional things that are important to the couple. Your MC will plan when, where and how, everything will happen and will liaise with your suppliers so everything unfolds smoothly and on time. Your MC will have the talent of being in two places at the same time to make sure your event runs like clockwork.

Good timing is absolutely essential to the success of any event. If the formalities run over, then money spent on entertainment will be wasted when there is no or very little time to dance. Venues are strict about closing times due to licencing and regulations and extensions are not permitted, however much you want to carry on dancing!

Why can’t my uncle do it?

Most people think the MC is just there to point out where the toilets are and to introduce the speeches. But as explained above, the time spent on the microphone is only a small part of the role. Do you really want your Uncle/Cousin/Friend etc to work hard all evening and stay stone cold sober when they have been invited along to have a good time as a guest?

The Venue Manager is not your MC. They are there for the venue, not the couple and their concern is running the food and drink service. They will not be too concerned if everyone is having a good time or not.

A professional MC will make your evening one to remember – for all the right reasons!

Stephen made everything so easy for us, I couldn’t recommend him more! He took over all the stresses regarding the run sheet and timings; coordinating with the band and DJ also. Thanks for everything Stephen!