Wedding Webcast

Webcast your wedding

We can livestream your wedding to family and friends who can’t join you in person. Now you don’t have to ask a mate to wave a phone in the air!

Often there are people who are overseas, interstate or otherwise unable to be at your wedding. Sometimes numbers are restricted so some people miss out on an invitation. So let us help! In the lead up to the wedding day, you can invite specific people to watch by sending them the website link.

  • Professional webcasting camera
  • Small and discreet setup
  • Clear audio from dedicated mics

Record your wedding

Don’t want to webcast but would like the ceremony recorded instead? We can record a simple video and give you a download link to save it to your device.

Technical Notes

Webcasts can be viewed at and you will need to give that address to people who wish to view.

The live stream will be published a few minutes before the ceremony start time. Viewers should refresh the page until the webcast appears.

Webcasts are broadcast in the best resolution achievable, dependent on the data speed and bandwidth available at the ceremony location. Data coverage can unexpectedly vary or drop for reasons outside our control. The webcast is a live broadcast only and no recording is available. However, if on arrival at the venue we establish in advance of the ceremony that it will be impossible to webcast live, we will instead record the ceremony and post it online as soon as possible.

The nature of a webcast’s variable quality, shot from a static position, means it is not a substitute for a wedding video produced by a professional videographer.

Comments from Wedding Webcasts

“Can’t stop watching it! Love you both!”

“Just seen the video here in UK! Glad you had a great day.”

“Just sobbed my way through your wonderful ceremony!”

“That was awesome to watch. Congrats to you both!”

“I absolutely love this idea, so privileged to be invited!”

“What a lovely way to share your special day.”